Friday, February 16, 2007

References furnished upon request

Sales 10 years /Building Construction and maintenance 20 years,

Professional and Experienced, Owner- inventor of Miter Miser and Dustless Lockers,Burbank CA September 2005- present

The Salvation Army - Pasadena,CA October 2004 – August 2005 Property Manager
Property maintenance of 10,000 sq. ft. residence as well as a 5,000 sq. ft. store facility which serves as a major distribution center used donated merchandise for the San Gabriel Valley. Responsibilities included carpentry, painting, locksmith, welding…

Wilkinson Hi-Rise, L.L.C. – Azusa, CA January 2000 – June 2004
Operations Manager Southwest Region
The largest manufacturer and supplier of waste handling systems for hi-rise and mid-rise based in Hollywood, FL with offices in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles and a manufacturing plant in Stow, OH. Responsibilities included estimating, installation, service, training, fabrication on site and in shop, inventory and assist with customer service and sales and marketing. Hired and fired a staff of up to twelve employees. Formulated and wrote service procedure and assisted with writing of training guides. In charge of store and field safety, as well as compliance to OSHA regulations. New division where sales had historically been $100,000/year. IN the first year, through aggressive sales and innovative service agreements billed over $800,000/year. In the second year, by expanding into Arizona and taking over Bay area and San Diego sales reached $1.5 million. We became JAYCO knowledgeable for hospitals and developed a new cleaning technique for hospitals and waste handling systems. We took over all national sales through the Azusa office. All customer service employees were trained through my department. Broadened two new products, one for odor control, and the other, incorporating my own design and build—tenant storage lockers for condominiums. By close of year four, department was grossing $4million/year—a significant turnover for a firm of gross sales of $20million/year.

Sub-contractor of Tile 1993-99 Portland OR

West Palm Community College – Jupiter, FL Fall Semester 1988
Developed curriculum and taught ceramic tile installation to 30 students as part of professional training.

Contractor – Hollywood, FL 1987-1992
Masonry contractor performing residential and commercial projects.

Able Paving and Site Development – Pompano Beach, FL 1985 - 1986
Operated, serviced and repaired heavy equipment for site development and road construction. Equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, graders, and miscellaneous tractors and loaders.

Sub-contractor - Las Vegas, NV 1980-84
Licensed to perform ceramic tile, marble, stone installation work on residential and commercial properties. Owned and operated a ceramic tile retail store together with a partner.

Union Tile-Setter - Las Vegas, NV 1977-79
Advanced from apprentice to journeyman level in two years. Performed tile work on commercial properties along the Strip. Member of the Tile-setter and Bricklayer’s Union for two years.

· Chaparral High School, Las Vegas, NV Graduate Diploma Awarded 1976
Curriculum included three years Architectural Drafting, Auto Mechanics United Truck Masters, Cincinnati, OH. Truck Driving School, Obtained CDL License 1985


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ABCs of me

Amanacts in Amanshood.
Father,Brother and friend.
Aman in Gods Eden,
Bman for the now,
Cman the boy,
Dman the damned,
Eman is eco friendly,
Fman is a freeman,
Gman thinks global,
Hman is a heman,,,
Kman the leader,
Lman of light,
Mman the mason/builder,
Nman a new man,
Pman is a stand up guy,
Rman RE-invent/recover,
Sman sprit smart,
Tman trust to the tee,
Uman a human,
Wman we.. a brotherhood,
Xman..mutant,Yman..question, sleeping before one,

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Basic Manifesto to reinvent myself and my world.

My manifesto is a basic one. I claim responsibility for self and my actions. By that I mean from my birth on. At least my part in the time and space I moved through. I claim responsibility for the health of the planet.Service by example. To walk in the open for now on. I invite critics to expose me as, one being, trying. I will dream out loud and for all to see. The law of one. The one is Love. The opposite side of Love is not hate it is fear. Fear will lie, cheat and steal. I will live a life of Love. I will Love the life I live. I will learn to think of L.A.W.= Love Always Wins.. Be. Do.Have. " The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"....Gandhi
"What ever you are be a good one"...Abe Lincoln
It will not matter how slow I go as long as I do not ..stop. Mitch Stein Sr.